Craft Beer and Sight Seeing

Published: 22nd September 2016 15h58

Kawagoe beer

Coedo beers

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Canada (埼玉県)

 Tourist attraction, Food (Store/Spot/Etc..)
Saitama Prefecture, Kawagoe

For those who appreciate craft brewers and Japanese history, the city of Kawagoe (Saitama Prefecture) is an ideal spot in the Tokyo Area to spend an afternoon away from the crowded districts. It is roughly 45 minutes north of Shinjuku District.

Kawagoe is home to the famous Coedo Beer, which has a variety of Belgian Style, IPA, Stout and Red (made with sweet potato) beers. The main Coedo Pub is located in the center of Kawagoe. Moreover, The city hosts various cultural festivals throughout the year and is an ideal place to shop for nice souvenirs if you stay in or visit the great Tokyo area.

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