Yakitori no tetsujin (焼き鳥の鉄人)

Published: 08th September 2016 11h56



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Tokyo, Shinjuku

Hello guys, I would like to introduce you one of my favorites restaurant on Tokyo.
The name is Yakitori no tetsujin (焼き鳥の鉄人).
Famous for its all-you-can-drink (19 types of drink) and all-you-can-eat (16 types of meat) starting at 1500yen (70mins) !

Wanna eat a lot ? I strongly suggest you to book a table there and try it :)
Of course, it's not only meat, you can find some vegetables and rice huh, huh.
There are two kind of cost . The Tetsujin(鉄人) and the Takumi(巧) cost.

The main difference lie in the variety of meat that you can eat.
a) Takumi cost give you the possibility to eat any kind of meat with all-you-can-drink
b) Tetsujin cost offer you half the Takumi quantity of meat and don't include all-you-can-drink

Regarding the time, you can choose between 70mins, 100mins or 130mins to enjoy.
Personally, I used to take the Takumi cost for 70mins, which cost me around 2000yen for both all-you-can drink and all-you-can-eat.

Yakitori no Tesujin is a chain store, you can find it at Takadanoba, Shinjuku, Shimokitazawa and more...

Useful to know :
1) You can ask for an other grill plate 1 time for free. The next time will cost you 500yen.
2) You can ask for (koori - 氷), which means "ice" in order to lower the fire if necessary.

If you're currently travelling to Tokyo (solo traveler or not) and want to experience it, drop me a comment and let's find a moment to try it ;).

Feel free to text me with any questions ^^



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