Tokyo Sushi Academy (TSA) - 東京すしアカデミー 築地校

Published: 16th October 2016 23h05
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Tsukiji - Tokyo Sushi Academy Entrance

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Instruction in English

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Neko anabelle


France (埼玉県)

 Food (Store/Spot/Etc..), Culture, Foreigner Discount & Service
Privilege for foreigners: Big discount with online resevation + English Sushi making Instruction
Tokyo, Chuo
 Tokyo Sushi Academy (TSA)
 Tsukiji Station (By metro)
4 Chome-7-5 Tsukiji, 中央区築地 Tokyo 104-0045

If you are interested in making sushi on your own while you stay in Japan,
I suggest you to go to Tokyo Sushi Academy (TSA) to attend a workshop.
The building is located near the Tsukiji Fish Market and not really for from the station Tsukiji (Metro).

For 90mins, you will start by receiving instruction by a sushi chef in english (30mins)
and then 1h for making your own sushi (All-you-can-eat). At the end you can also order what ever you like.

Cost is 7560yen (tax included) per person but you can have a big discount if you make an online reservation in advance.
It will cost you 5400yen (tax included)

If you've already been there, I would be curious to know your point of view on it.

Happy Sushi time !

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